Girlfriend Glasses make one-of-a-kind gifts for friends, family, colleagues. Each glass is hand-painted using Porcelaine 150 or Vitrea glass paints which are cured a day between coats. The paints are then heat set or "baked" for a permanent bond. The glass is now dishwasher safe and ready to enjoy.

Choose a Girlfriend character, then select her hair color, eye color, and a base design. Same goes for Goofy Guys. We will be glad to include a first name, initials, or a special date on the bottom of the base. There you have it… signed, unique, whimsical gifts that will delight your friends and remind them of you! Girl and Guy glasses are $24 each.

For wordy ones, pick a Snappy Saying from our list or email us your personal favorites. We paint the saying in block script on the goblet so make sure it's short (but not necessarily sweet). Don't forget to select a design for the base and tell us any other personalization you'd like us to paint on the bottom of the glass. Snappy Sayings glasses are $19 each.

Choices (see Let's Order for detailed drawings):
Base Designs: Mardi Gras, Jungle Fever, Checkerboard, Fancy Dress, Tuxedo, Pokerface
Hair Colors:
Winter White, Bombshell Blonde, I Love Lucy Red, Burning Brunette, Raven Black
Eye Colors:
Brown, Green, Blue
Girlfriend Faces:
Elsie, Sandra, Vicki, Betty
Guy Faces:
Ricky, Earl, Chuck, Ernie
Each glass is carefully bubbled, pebbled, and boxed in recycled packaging. We won't gift wrap if you insist on seeing them first, but Girlfriends love being dolled up in wrap which we are happy to do.
  • Commemorate special occasions like reunions and getaway trips.
  • Include a glass or two with a bottle of wine for the perfect hostess or housewarming gift.
  • Tick off your holiday list with gifts for business associates, clients, neighbors.
  • Pair a Girlfriend with a Goofy Guy for wedding showers and anniversaries.
  • New parents will be comforted with a pacifier for the baby and
    funny glasses to celebrate the baby finally sleeping through the night.
  • Your in-laws will chuckle over them.
  • Share a pair of glasses with your out-of-town soulmate so the two of you can be together in spirit.
  • Start a collection for that circle of friends. Give each girlfriend a glass for her birthday for the next eight, ten, twelve years! Don't forget to include yourself along with your order.
  • Personalized glasses are great for groups: sororities, bridge clubs, supper clubs, book clubs, anywhere there is a gang of girlfriends.
  • Add to welcome baskets or corporate gift baskets along with crackers, cheese, and a nice little red.

    Salut! Prost! L'Chaim!